Aparthotels at Manara

Al Manara, Dubai.

Our task was to propose ten new G+1 villas in between existing ten villas and convert its usage into Hotel Apartments.Apartments are a key and growing part of the way in which we live in various parts of our country and particularly in our cities and towns. While designing we kept in mind To ensure the setback of a building from a boundary appropriately responds to the urban context. To allow adequate daylight into new dwellings. To limit views into habitable room windows and private open space of new and existing dwellings. To provide a reasonable outlook from dwellings. To ensure the building setbacks provide appropriate internal amenity to meet the needs of residents. by this we achieved a new and better designed spaces and a decoration combining modernity and authenticity.

Project Type
Project Size
57, 800 sqft
Algafry Consulting Architects Engineers
Abbas Mohammed

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